Love cats


Cellini Cattery is a CFA registered cattery located in 

Washington State. I have been breeding Himalayan 

kittens for more than 20 years.  I concentrate in

specifically breeding chocolate and lilac point babies.

I really enjoy taking care of the kittens, showing my

cats and kittens meeting other breeders in CFA cat

shows, grooming and bathing my cats and babies.

They are my pride and joy!  All the babies from our 

cattery are well-socialized; they are use to being in 

contact with humans and other animals.  They're

incredibly friendly and love to play and cuddle.  The

babies get lot of bath and are blow-dried afterwards 

so they are extra clean, soft, fluffy and smelling fresh.

 My Queens and Kings are Champions in their 

categories and there are also a lot of Grand-

Championship and Championship in their bloodlines

too.  We feed our cats and kittens in Royal Canin cat

and kitten food.  The kittens come with a jumpstart

kit which includes a Royal Canin kitten care guide, 

health record and a sample of Royal Canin kitten 

food.  Before the kittens leave our cattery, they will 

have their up-to-date vaccines.  The first one usually 

given at 8-weeks-old and the second given at

12-weeks-old. I also de-worm the kitten when they

are 9 weeks old.






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