Cellini Cattery  


The purpose of this contract is to define what CELLINI Cattery is providing, and to define what is expected of the person(s) buying a cat or kitten from us. These provisions are designed to protect the cat or kitten being purchased, other pets in the Buyer's household, and also to protect the cats at CELLINI in the event the cat or kitten is returned to us.

This contract is between Cellini Cattery, hereinafter known as the Seller, and_______________ hereinafter known as the Buyer.


CAT/KITTEN IS PURCHASED FOR PET: Under normal circumstances, a kitten purchased as a pet will be altered before it leaves the cattery. If the kitten is taken before it is old enough to be altered, Buyer agrees to spay or neuter this cat by the following date: . Buyer agrees to pay the additional price $2000 of if cat is not altered by the date as listed above, as this would constitute the sale price of a breeding animal. If Buyer reports to Seller that this kitten has died before being altered, Buyer must provide Seller with written verification of death signed by licensed veterinarian or be liable for the additional price. If cat/kitten is provided as a pet, Registration papers will be sent within (30) days of Seller?s receipt of written CERTIFICATION OF ALTERATION from a licensed veterinarian.



  • Both Buyer and Seller agree that the Kitten/Cat described herein is unique in character.
  • Buyer will pay the Seller a deposit agreed upon requesting that a Kitten/Cat be reserved for the buyer. The balance of the purchase price is to be paid at delivery of the reserved Kitten/Cat unless the Kitten/Cat is being air shipped, in which case the balance of the purchase price plus the cost for shipping, air carrier, health certificate and gas fee is to be paid before the Kitten/Cat is shipped. Once a deposit is placed to reserve a Kitten/Cat that Kitten/Cat will not be sold to another buyer.
  • Transportation expenses for delivery of the Kitten/Cat to places other than the Bothell, WA area shall be paid for by the Buyer. Expenses may include, but are not limited to: fee for gas, round trip, to and from delivery site, airline fees, a veterinary examination and state health certificate as required by an airline and an airline approved carrier. Delivery shall be made at a time and place agreeable to both parties. If the Kitten/Cat is being shipped by air and the airline will not accept live animals because of severe weather conditions at either the point of departure or arrival, deliver will be made as soon as clearance is received by the air carrier at a time agreeable to both parties.
  • The Seller will provide at the time of sale to the Buyer, the CFA registration form necessary for registering this Kitten/Cat.
  • On or before the date of delivery, the Seller shall provide the Buyer with a vaccination record and dietary recommendations.
  • The Seller guarantees that the Kitten/Cat is healthy at time of sale, immunized as shown in the vaccination record. Seller warrants that the Kitten/Cat to be frees of all viruses? (FIV & FELV), but does not guarantee against internal or external parasites or ringworm once it has left the breeder's premises. If the FELV or FIP vaccination is given to this Kitten/Cat, all guarantees are null and void, as there is no proof that these vaccines are 100% safe.
  • Also because I am totally against declawing because it is a mutilating procedure, and a cruelty that is likely to alter the Kitten/Cat's temperament and health, all guarantees are null and void if any Kitten/Cat is declawed once it is in your possession.
  • Buyer agrees to have the Kitten/Cat examined by a licensed veterinarian within 3 business days of pickup/delivery at Buyer's cost, and promptly notify Seller either in writing, email or by phone call of the examination. Buyer also agrees to keep the Kitten/Cat isolated from all other pets before being examined by the veterinarian.
  • Please note that during times of stress, such as going to a new home, Kittens/Cats can exhibit temporary signs of illness which may include: sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, diarrhea, vomiting and or constipation. If any of these symptoms develop and need to be treated by a veterinarian, any and all charges for veterinarian office visit and medicines is totally the responsibility of the Buyer at this point.
  • The Breeder guarantees against the death of the kitten/cat due to genetic defects for one year from the kitten?s date of birth (FeLV, FIV, and FIP are not genetic and are specifically excluded). In the unlikely event of death of this kitten/cat due to genetic abnormalities (proof is to be provided to the Breeder in the form of a detailed autopsy report and a letter written by a licensed veterinarian stating the exact cause of death, and including the description of the kitten/cat's date of birth, name, sex, color and pattern), the Breeder will replace kitten/cat with one of the equal quality (excluding shipping or delivery).
  • The Seller should be contacted at once before any major treatment is begun. Do not proceed with any treatments unless you are making a decision to keep said Kitten/Cat.
  • If the Kitten/Cat is found to suffer from any hereditary or congenital defect which is life threatening or injurious to health or dies within a year time, and provided Seller is still breeding cats, the Seller will at her option either replace said Kitten/Cat with another Kitten/Cat of equal quality or refund the purchase price of said Kitten/Cat only if said Kitten/Cat received the proper medical treatment in a timely fashion to try to save the Kitten/Cat's life and this treatment is confirmed by written statement from a veterinarian and provided to the Seller to back up the claim. Seller must view all licensed veterinary certified reports and all certified licensed pathologist autopsy reports. Guarantee is limited to replacement or purchase price refund and shall not cover veterinary fees or other extraordinary expenses. This guarantee is valid up to one year from purchase date.
  • The Buyer agrees not to sell, lease, abandon or give this cat to any pet shop, research facility, animal shelter or similar facilities, for either resale or test purposes.
  • The buyer shall not allow the kitten/cat to roam outdoors or come into contact with animals of questionable health. The kitten/cat is being sold as an exclusively indoors kitten/cat. Under no circumstances is the kitten/cat to be allowed outside unsupervised. This is for the kitten/cat?s protection from cars, roaming dogs, disease, other cats, cruel people, wild animals and environment hazards.
  • The Kitten/Cat must be maintained within the household of the Buyer at all times (except for brief periods when the Kitten/Cat may be cared for by another due to the absence of the Buyer from home), and may not be loaned, leased, gifted, traded or resold at any time without written permission in advance from the Seller. If Buyer is unable or unwilling to continue to care for the Kitten/Cat, it is to be returned to the Seller for placement, unless the above written permission to transfer ownership is obtained. If such permission is given, new owner must sign a contract, identical or similar to this one, with the Seller. Buyer will not receive a full refund when said Kitten/Cat is returned. The Kitten/Cat will need to be taken to the vet to be rechecked and at this point said Kitten/Cat's resale value will have diminished and Seller will only refund the appropriate amount once the Kitten/Cat is resold..
  • If this Kitten/Cat is found to be neglected or mistreated, purchaser will surrender this Kitten/Cat to seller, unconditionally and without compensation to the purchaser, and to reimburse seller for all reasonable costs incurred by seller to reclaim the Kitten/Cat, including but not limited to legal and medical costs. If registration of this Kitten/Cat has already been transferred to the purchaser, purchaser further agrees to transfer registration back to the seller at the time of such surrender.
  • The buyer shall maintain annual vaccinations and provide for the best possible care, feeding, and welfare of the kitten/cat for the duration of the kitten/cat?s life. The buyer shall five the kitten/cat the love and affection that is befitting a lifelong companion and friend.
  • The Seller shall continue to be available to answer questions or offer advice to the Buyer as deemed necessary by the Buyer. The Seller shall advise the Buyer of any changes of address or phone number. Likewise, the Buyer agrees to advise the Seller of any change of address or phone number in order that any information pertinent to the Kitten/Cat is readily made available to the Buyer.
  • All legal fees and court costs necessary to enforce this contract will be the obligation of the Buyer, including all those incurred by the Seller. Should any part of this contract be found to be illegal or invalid or unenforceable in a court of law in the state of Washington, sale to be instituted in same, the entirety of the contract is to remain valid and enforceable. Any legal action which may arise under the terms of this contract will be brought in the city/county of the Seller's residence.
  • In as much as the below signed Buyer has read and understood the terms and restrictions of the sale and understand that this contract is a legal and binding agreement, a legal document, enforceable within the confines of this United States of America and that the costs incurred in inter-state litigation by the Seller are within the accepted responsibilities of the Buyer, this contract is a legal and effectual and enforceable document within and by all of the boundaries of this United States and Canada.
  • The signatures below indicate a full agreement and approval of the terms of this agreement.