"We have our second Himilayan Persian from Cellini Cattery.   I would only buy from this breeder.   The kittens are so well adjusted and trained.   Our newest family member, Stella, is our greatest love.   She has such a fantastic disposition and is very social.   I would recommend this breeder to anyone as the kittens have superior care and personal attention which makes them very special family members!"

Stef, Olympia, WA

" Getting Marley was the best decision ever made!! I was really nervous because I didn't get to meet him first ...in his home environment!  I live in California... He had to come by plane ! Cellini was wonderful and very patient with me. She gave me the confidence that this kitten was Meant for me and my boyfriend!  Omg! Was she right! He is sooo cute in every way!! He absolutely has everything.....He loves being brushed and fussed over ! He comes running to the door when I come home! He's  just the same Marley no matter who comes over!!  We are just over the moon.... Cellini has a real gift ....for breeding and raising ,loving wonderful ,Himalayans!!  xoxo Jessica"

Jessica, Santa Monica CA

"If you want a wonderful, joyful experience in kitten hood, you can find no better place than a baby from Cellini Cattery. My husband stumbled upon the web site doing a cat search. He wanted to give me a kitten for Christmas. I wrote Cellini an email, and the next day, I was there picking out my new kitten. I got to hold her at 3 weeks old. I fell in love then and there. Six weeks later, she is now home with me. I have never in my lifetime of having cats, experienced a kitten so loving and gentle. She is not afraid of anyone, loves everybody, and rarely stops purring. She purrs while she is playing with toys on the floor. Cellini raises her kittens to love people, be unafraid of them, and have sparkling happy personalities. Every time those beautiful blue eyes look up at me, I melt. My only regret, is that I did not know about her long ago. I would have several of them. :) "
Nancy White, Redmond WA

"It was a very positive experience to purchase a kitten from Cellini Cattery. From the time I first contacted Cellini, she always responded to my questions and concerns very quickly, and I had many questions being that the kitten would fly from Seattle, Washington to New York. Cellini eased my concerns right down to the moment she left the airport to drop my kitten off for her flight. She arrived in perfect condition, unafraid and had not messed in her kennel during the flight. You would never have known that she just went on a long flight. She was well cushioned in her kennel, came out to play, eat and drink. Maybelline (Lil May) is a very sweet and smart girl and loves to play with her two big brothers (Shih tzus). Cynthia also followed up with emails after she arrived to find out how she was doing. Her first vet appointment checked out fine. I would definitely recommend Cellini Cattery as a trustworthy cattery. Thanks again Cellini! "

Debbie, Long Island, NY

"Cellini, thank you so much for everything you did in helping us with our new kitten lily. You made the entire process so easy and enjoyable. Lily came to us very socialized, eating well and litter boxed trained. She is very playful and so lovable. I have not stopped smiling since I got her home. "

Marlene, Richland WA

"Rainier is very sweet and affectionate with me, and is friendly with new people, as well. I couldn't be more pleased to have him in "my family", for just about one year now. Thank you! "


"Queen Maybell is doing very well and we love her very much! "


"Sorbet is loved by everybody here. She is such a lovely sweetie. Friendly, playful, cuddly, we couldn't have asked for more! Thank you so much for letting us have such a wonderful kitten. "

Vincenta, Vancouver, B.C Canada

"We purchased our cat from you just over two years ago. I just wanted to let you know he is the most amazing cat I have ever come across. Everyone thinks so! He is so social, loving, sweet and beautiful. His name is Putter. Thanks so much for such a wonderful cat! "


"It has been 2 months since we have had Kizzy and she is such a joy. Such a sweet little girl, and each day she gets sweeter. I wanted to show you how beautiful she is. Thought I would keep in touch and let you know how she is doing. She seems happy and plays a lot, entertains herself with her toys, and we play with her too, and she loves it. So here is Miss Kizzy Ling! Hope all is well with you, have a great evening.......Leisa "

Leisa, Yakima WA

"On July 25, 2011, we picked up our new addition to our family from Cellini Cattery. We couldn't have had a better experience. Our kitten is in excellent health. He is Very affectionate and has a wonderful disposition. He had already been in a routine of Being groomed which made it much easier to continue the process once he arrived. If we Were to purchase another kitten we would certainly only do so through Cellini Cattery. They are very trustworthy, professional, and superior breeders. Thank you Cellini! "

Stefanie and Mike, Olympia WA

"Rowdy Wyatt joined our family a couple months ago. He has brought such joy to our home and just adores my Grandkids and my doberman, Fiona! Rowdy has a fun and loving personality and he has won everyone over with his antics. Thank you for giving us such a special and beloved addition to our family - and you can't believe the compliments we have received on his looks..."

Sheila, Renton WA

"Our new kitten, Chloe, arrived home to Minnesota today. We absolutely adore her and she is everything and more we wanted in a quality bred Himalayan. I cannot speak highly enough about Cynthia and Cellini Cattery. Her attention to detail, excellent communication skills throughout,airline shipment setup/delivery, and caring compassionate ways with her kittens made our purchase experience very smooth and positive. We cannot thank her enough for adding such a wonderful, loving companion to our family for many years to come! "

Darcie, Richfield, MN

"Chole is doing great, she did really good yesterday in the car coming home. Last night I put her in her own room with everything she needed food, water, litter box,toys and a really cute pink bed and we didn't hear her cry at all. This morning she was really happy to see us and today I have been holding and playing with her, she is so sweet. I just wanted you to know how happy my husband and I are with Chole, she is just adorable ."

Brenda, Tacoma WA

"Both kittens eating and drinking well and are playing a lot. I think they are both doing well. All in all things were fine at the vets, and everybody there thought they were both darling. Both kitties are using their potty box regularly, scratching the scratch posts and cleaning themselves. I have been grooming them daily, so they get used to having that done also. They both purr. Buster loves to cuddle and Bella is a sweetheart. "

Jill, Bremerton, WA

"Thank you so much for Kelvin. He keeps me smiling and laughing. He makes me very happy. He's so cute!!!! "

Shari, Spokane, WA

"the little guy is doing fine! He is all over the house, his name is Valentino I think he loves Andy and he fellows Andy every where. We just love him so much , yes just mail me the contract that will be fine. I will send you pictures soon Thank you! Helen"

Helen, Yakima WA

"Valentino is just the cutest, sweetest and smartest kitten I've ever met and I'm so blessed to have him!! I researched Himalayan breeders for a few months prior to adopting from Cellini Cattery and I highly recommend her quality kittens. Not only is Valentino beautiful with the most incredible baby blue eyes, he is also healthy and came home to me very well socialized and litter box trained. He adapted to his new household quickly and has a lot of confidence for a kitten. He loves to explore and play with anything that moves, including the family dog?s big bushy tail, but also enjoys just being a lap cat and watching tv on the couch at night. After his first check-up, my vet said I was ?a very lucky momma to have such a healthy and well balanced kitten?. Thank you, Cellini for all the care and attention you give all your kittens and also your clients! "

Kim, Kirkland WA

"Gizmo is doing very well! He is as cute as can be and he has a wonderful personallity! We just adore him to pieces and Kiwi and him are best friends. We are getting him neutered next month. I will send you the paper work. Hope all is well and take care! :) Lauren"

Lauren, Everett, WA